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Carpet tiles are gaining popularity in todays market because of their portability and easy installation.  The modular format of carpet tiles allows them to ship easily and to be handled easily.  Since the carpet tiles mostly come in 18"X18", 24"X24", or 36"X36" format they are a lot more user friendly when it comes to transporting the boxes of carpet tiles around as opposed to hauling larger 12 foot or 15 foot traditional carpet rolls.  Installation with carpet stretchers and knee kickers is not necessary so installation can be done by a professional installer or as a DIY installation.  Most carpet tiles are installed with adhesive but Interface carpet tiles can be installed using a special sticky "post-it" note at the edge where four corners of carpet tiles meet.  This installation is a patented system by Interface and can only be found in the Interface Carpet Tile lineup. If you want to understand your options though we recommend using a carpet installation calculator. Alternately, if you're wanting to replace your current flooring with something other than carpet, try using this tile calculator

Beaulieu Modular Carpet Tiles

Interface Modular Carpet Tiles

Mohawk Modular Carpet Tiles

Shaw Modular Carpet Tiles

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