Beaulieu Sweetheart 2310

Sweetheart is styled to add beauty and style with extra performance to your home. The dense, textured construction perfectly complements any space you you’ll have it installed. Backed by Stainmaster warranties. A beautiful color line is available to further complement the offering.

Label: HOL
Construction: Texture
Fiber: 100% Stainmaster BCF Nylon
Dye: Continuous
Stain: Invistaont
Warranty: 10/7/7/10
Weight: 35.0
Total Weight: 67.3
Back: AB & LB
Repeat: N/A
Gauge: 5/32
Density: 2423.0
Par: 3.50
Twist: 4.28 x 4.28
SPI: 8.5999999999999996
PileHeight: 19/32
FHA: 81035.0

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