Beaulieu Snazzy 2808

Snazzy is recycled P.E.T. texture filled with delightful flecks of color. It will provide a lovely backdrop for your entire home. As a recycled P.E.T. polyester, Beaulieu reduces the amount of soft drink bottles going to the landfill by recycling them into luxurious, beautiful, very colorful carpets.

Label: SFLP
Construction: Texture
Fiber: 80% P.E.T. Polyester / 20% BCF Nylon
Dye: Continuous / Space
Stain: Inherent
Warranty: 10/10
Weight: 35.0
Total Weight: 67.3
Back: AB
Repeat: N/A
Gauge: 5/32
Density: 2066.0
Par: 3.50
Twist: (P) 4.8 x 5.1 (N)5.65 x 5.65
SPI: 5.7999999999999998
PileHeight: 21/32
FHA: 82808.0

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