Beaulieu Herb Garden 1564

Herb Garden I is one of those carpets that makes carpet fun. As a fascinating texture it exhibits a subdued wildness with character, Like fine wine, this carpet will be admired by all, appreciated by most and purchased by the most discerning. Run your fingers through its texture and you’ll see what we mean when we say this carpet is a garden of delight in home fashion. Multicolor color line adds to the visual.

Label: CORC
Construction: Texture
Fiber: 100% BCF Nylon
Dye: Continuous
Stain: PermaShield
Warranty: 10/7/5
Weight: 46.0
Total Weight: 80.3
Back: AB
Width: 12.0
Repeat: N/A
Gauge: 1/8
Density: 2044.0
Par: 3.80
Twist: 5.4 x 5.4
SPI: 6.2999999999999998
PileHeight: 32/32
FHA: 81564.0

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