Beaulieu Allante 5530

Created to enhance any décor, Allante features an elongated bouclé loop pattern creating a handcrafted visual. Crafted of 100% PermaSoft Plus Solution Dyed Nylon yarns, Allante provides great durability and performance. Enhanced with Magic Fresh, the exclusive, self-renewing, odor-destroying carpet treatment specially formulated to keep your home feeling fresh.

Label: Hol. UP
Construction: SDN Pattern
Fiber: 100% PermaSoft Plus BCF Nylon
Dye: Solution
Stain: PermaShield
Warranty: 15/15/7/10/10
Weight: 45.0
Total Weight: 91.8
Back: HP
Repeat: N/A
Gauge: 5/32
Density: 4765.0
Par: 3.90
Twist: 3.0 x 3.0
SPI: 8.75
PileHeight: 14/32 x 10/32
FHA: 85530.0

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